BTN- Blood donations

This video was about blood donations, where the blood donations go and how to donate.


There is 5 liters of blood in the human body and just half a liter can save up to 3 lives.  1 in 3 Ausalians will need donated blood at some stage in their lives.

Blood donations usually go to people with cancer, people with blood disease,people having surgery or other people with disease.

People can donate plasma,platelets or the whole thing.

You have to be at least 16 to donate and you have to be in good health to donate blood.

Can you donate at any time or at a specific time?

What do they use to take your blood? How  long does it take to take the blood?


I have learnt that there is 5 liters of blood in a human body. O+ blood is universal which means anyone can use it.

100WC-That’s disgusting (not a true story!)

I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting! It tasted like dog poo (I had to lick dog poo for losing a bet).

And it looked like dog poo, it smelt bad as well and it was brown!

“You have to take another bite, after all you lost another bet!” said Mike.

“I know but it’s just so disgusting!” replied Joe.

“So you still lost the bet!” said Mike.

“OK!” replied Joe. He ate another bite and another and another and they were huge bites as well. When he finished the disgusting object Mike started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” asked Joe.

“That was Dog poo!” replied Mike. After that Joe was so mad that he planned to prank Mike back with vengeance!

BTN: Marngrook footy

The video was about who founded AFL and how the indigenous people played football.


AFL was founded more than 150 years ago by a man named Thomas Wentworth Wills who was originally playing cricket.

It is a sport based on a game played by indigenous people for thousands of years. It was called Marngrook.

You had to be really energetic to play this sport because games could last up to 2 days!


Why did the games last up to 2 days, why didn’t they just play for 2 hours?

How did the indigenous people come up with this game?


I learnt that the indigenous people played footy and it was played with a ball made of possum skin and teams were represented by different animal totems.


Indigenous athletes have been successful at playing Aussie rules as it is believed to be part of their heritage.

100WC- the giant slimy slug


My goal was to use more punctuation and more talking marks.


The slime dripped through the floorboards when we were hiding under them.

“Is he gone?” asked Jeff.

“I don’t know.” replied Joe. “I’ll check.” “He’s not there lets go!” said Joe. They ran as fast as they could to Jeff’s room and got there safely, but the slug heard and was coming. They thought they were doomed until they realized salt kills slugs.


“We need run to the kitchen to get salt and spread it over the slug!” Requested Joe.

“Great idea but we’ll have to run really fast!” replied Jeff

“Don’t worry slugs are really slow.”

“Oh yeah!” So they ran as fast as they could to the kitchen and they got the salt looked around and couldn’t see the slug but then it came and they put all the salt on the slug then it died.

BTN: Citizenship changes

In the past Australian citizens have been issued with a citizen certificate, the right to earn employment, to vote and unfortunately pay taxes.


Over 200 000 people have been given a certificate every year.

New citizens are given permanent residency.

Residents should uphold our countries laws and values.


Why does the government need to change laws?

How does the government know that new citizens will uphold the laws and values of our country?


I have learnt that in order to become a citizen of Australia you need to fulfill certain requirements. For example what do we know about Anzac day?  you will need to have been living here for four years, and be able to speak English.

My dad is from New Zealand and has been living here for 16 years and been paying taxes and can’t become a citizen and vote and I don’t think that’s fair.  There were laws that were passed that means that my dad can’t become a citizen because he came to Australia after a certain date.

100WC: Parallel

“OK i’m going to do it!” I said to my friend. “3,2,1 i’m walking into the wall.” Instead of walking into it I walked through it. I couldn’t believe at first but I pinched myself and it wasn’t a dream because I didn’t wake up.


“Excuse me police were am I-” They pulled their guns out and I thought, Why are they pulling their guns out?

“Sir we’ve found he prisoner!”Said the “police” through the walkie talkie.

“Are you police?” I asked.

“Nope. Well yes and no we’re bad cops.”

“what’s that supposed to mean?”

“We sometimes just arrest people for fun.” they replied  “But your are a prisoner.”


BTN: Ahn go

3 Facts:

  1. Anh do and his parents escaped Vietnam an spent 5 days at sea.
  2. Anh do is a famous comedian and wrote a lot of books.
  3. Anh do and his parents had 2 pirate attacks.


2 Questions:

  1. How old was he when he was at sea?
  2. When did Anh do start being a comidien?


1 insight:

  1. I learnt that anh do was at sea for 5 Days.


But how can something so tiny at 15 years old he’s 85 cm I mean he’s in year 8!

“Hey kid I’ll tell you why he is so tiny. He he I used a shrink ray on him.”

“WHAT! Why did you do it?” replied Jim.

“Because he was annoying me.”

“How was he being annoying?” asked Jim.

“He was looking at me.” replied the mysterious kid.


When I found out were he lived I went in to His house and stole the shrink ray. Ok when I say find out where he lives I mean I asked him. Anyway I set the shrink ray to normal size and used it on the tiny kid now he’s back to his normal size!

BTN: federation

3 Facts:

  1. Indigenous people couldn’t vote until 1962 and weren’t counted in Australia’s population until 1971.
  2. In 1642 a Dutch explorer stumbled across Tasmania if he didn’t leave we would all be speaking Dutch.
  3. In 1770 captain. James Cook claimed a whole chunk of Australia but Australia didn’t become a country until a lot later.
  • questions:


  1. Why did the Dutch explorer leave the land?
  2. Why did each state have to be separated?


1 Insight:


  1. An insight I had was that indigenous people weren’t part of our population until 1971!


Goals for semester 1!

            What I want to learn:

I want learn more maths to be specific I want to get better at division and square/triangular numbers.  

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

 To learn my division ill also have to practice multiplication and with square and triangular numbers I could go on hotmaths and do the lessons and questions on them.    

How I learn and behave:

I think I am a good learner I can get distracted a bit but I can be very attentive.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

 To not get distracted as easy I could not pay attention to things that aren’t related to the topic and keep being attentive.