My goals for semester 1 and 2


I want to get better at being more organized and being a better leader because last year and the year before that I would loss my books, pencils, pens, all the stuff I could use. Also I want to learn how to be a better leader because I’m in year 5/6 now.


I want to learn to not get so distracted when I work I get distracted sometimes I’ll do that by ignoring people unless it’s important.


I want to get better at multiplication and division because I’m not very good at it and I think that’s something I could work on.

I have archived most of my goals like being more organized. I archived that because I haven’t lost any of my books and pens and I use my chair bag better I am not putting paper in it like I did last year. And I think I have gotten better at my multiplication and I have gotten a little bit better at division but not a lot. While I work some people sometimes talk to me and I just ignore them if it’s not important so I don’t get distracted as much now. And I have gotten better at being a leader.


In the future I want to archive speaking in front of a large crowed. I would also my division more because I’m not very good at it and I want to get better at it. I would also like to get better at the area model with big numbers and small numbers. Another thing I would like to get better at is concentrating while I’m working because sometimes I get distracted and loss track on where I’m am in work. The last thing I want to get better at is multiplication because I’m not very good at it and I would like to work on that.

prepared speech: Can liquids be compressed? If so why?If not why not?

Introduction:Good Morning 5/6b, today I will be talking about if liquids can be compressed.

Water is the most common liquid on our planet. Liquid is one of the five primary states of matter,the others being solid, gas, plasma and bose einstein condensate. Liquid is a fluid. Liquid is able to flow and take shape in a container, some liquids resist compression although others can be compressed.

(show prop) for example this liquid is taking on the shape of its container. With a full bottle the particles are held in place and it has a definite shape, unless you are strong enough to change it’s shape and squash it. The liquid particles are held so closely together they tumble over each other and this is why a liquid takes on a shape of whichever container it is placed in.

This bottle can not be squashed there isn’t any space between the particles, a liquid can not be compressed in a bottle that is full because it’s a solid.

(show prop) If we have a bottle of water which is half full, we can compress the bottle because of the volume of water. We can compress the bottle because it’s a solid and because of it’s shape. However, the density of the water does not change because of the pressure.

With this balloon, if I squeeze the balloon too much it will pop before the water compresses inside.

Conclusion: Liquids can be compressed, but by very little, given very high pressure. The density of the water does not change with pressure. The reason anything is compressible is because of the atoms that are packed so tightly together.

Thank you for your attention.