Goals for semester 1!

            What I want to learn:

I want learn more maths to be specific I want to get better at division and square/triangular numbers.  

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

 To learn my division ill also have to practice multiplication and with square and triangular numbers I could go on hotmaths and do the lessons and questions on them.    

How I learn and behave:

I think I am a good learner I can get distracted a bit but I can be very attentive.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

 To not get distracted as easy I could not pay attention to things that aren’t related to the topic and keep being attentive. 


src speech

The successful candante should be able to show respect and be attentive.

You should be able to collaborate well with other people. You should be caring, helpful, friendly, and approachable to other people.

A good SRC member should be optimistic, pleasant, and display good leader ship skills.

A good leader should work well together and by themselves. They should be encoenging, pleasant, and friendly.


I play basketball on the weekend and that’s about effective communicating and be encouraging to the people you work with.

thank you.


today was safer internet day where we were on the webinar were greg (I think) was telling the story about this girl wanted to apply this lollie bag comp. She had to audition for it, and she had to post it on

FUNTUBE when she posted it she got REALLY BULLIED. the comp was named  lollylab jnr,

and she got 1st place in the lollylab jnr and she got to make her VERY OWN LOLLY MAKER THINGY.

And then lots of people was contacting her and didnt know what to do. But her lolly were still in the store.

and the lollys was sent every where and she was famous!

Coding reflection


Today we were learning about coding. We did it with Ant. What I learnt was coding is everywhere, for example: coding can be in your TV, xbox, playstation, etc.

Ant also taught us about debugging which is a error or a bug. Ant also said when they used machines Sometimes little bugs would get in them and the would stop working. If your wondering what coding is. Its something people can use to make games, websites, etc.

What I would like to learn:
I would like to learn more advance coding and how to use scratch

What confuses me or excites me:

The thing that confuses me is the coding it self. And something i’m excited for is that in the future I could be doing really advance coding.

How can we improve learning about coding @ MPPS:

I think we could improve learning about coding is by doing it every 1-2 weeks and teach us how to use scratch.


Babylon had a system of writing so they could record mathmatical modles.

Talami was a greek citazian bourn in eygept while the romans were ruleing egyept.

Maya were just as interested in astrology but there text were burnt by spanish people.


Hyparcas was the father of triganamtrie .

In 12,000 years from now the north star wont be called polaress it will be called vaga.


My queston is why will the nortstar’s name change why won’t it stay the same

Unit Goals: Extreme Weather

As a result of this unit, I will:


Unit Learning Goal 1: Science

I will . . . Understand key extreme weather terms, including:

List words here:

Extinct volcano, lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Ridge path, erosion, terraces, Geology, seismograph, Volcanology, Seismology, Limnology, Dormant volcano, tensional  stress,  Crust, Mantle, Convergent plate boundary, Ridge path.

Unit Learning Goal 2: Science

I will . . . understand scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to solve problems that directly affect peoples’ lives.

Unit Learning Goal 3: Science

I will . . . understand scientific knowledge is used to inform personal and community decisions.

Unit Learning Goal 4: Science

I will . . . understand sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect Earth’s surface.

Unit Learning Goal 5: Reading and viewing

I will . . . Understand how texts vary in purpose, structure and topic as well as the degree of formality.

Unit Learning Goal 6: Writing

I will . . . Reread and edit students own and others’ work using agreed criteria for text structures and language


Personal Learning Goals: During this unit, I will .

A goal I have during this unit is public speaking and listening because I’m not really good at that and that’s something I want to work on.

science project reflection

You are doing this experiment to see if gas has a mass. Our science unit is to
see what are the differences between physical and chemical
changes.With the standard connection of: observing that gases have
mass and take up space, demonstrated by using balloons or bubbles.

Aim: To observe if gas has a mass using a kettle and a balloon.

Hypothesis/prediction: I predict that the balloon will expand because of all
the gas coming out of the kettle will rise and fill the balloon
up with the air.

DOES GAS HAVE A MASS  (click here for materials and method)

Observations: Nothing much happened. The balloon didn’t even bob up, it just
stayed on it’s side.

Explanation: We thought that the balloon didn’t blow up as much as it should
have because the water had probably cooled down by the
time we got the balloon on the flask.

Discussion: Balloons can burn so be careful if you try to put them on the
spout of the kettle or on a Bunsen burner. Since balloons can be
made of rubber, latex, polychloroprene, or a nylon fabric they
stretch well.

Conclusion: If we used vinegar or salt water instead of fresh water what would
happen then? A future experiment is that you could have is
adding more heat.


Expand- to blow up or take up a greater space.

Latex- a milky fluid found in many plants.

Polychloroprene-  polychloroprene is in a family of rubbers.


Reaflection on my prepeard speech

Something I felt difficult was the research beacuse sometimes it would come up with something I have already done and that was kind of annoying. And it was hard to find the key points on some of the web sites because some of them were cofusing and hard to understand. I also founnd puting everything together hard to do because I diden’t know where to put the infomation on my cue cards but I evantioually worked it out .


The strong parts of my presentation were that liquids can be compressed in a half-full bottle not a full one. Another strong point was that liquid can’t be compressed in a full botle which means on a empty bottle you are squezing air.


Next time I think I could stop moving to much next time and have smaller cue cards and I think I was to nervous that’s why I was moving to much and because I had to big of cue cards I got lost on where I was on the cue cards.


I could use my speeking and listening skills in other subjects like in maths, litercy, and all the other subjects for when we do a turn and talk. And when we are doing leasons I use my listening skills to lee when he’s talking. 


below is my prepeard speech:

Introduction:Good Morning 5/6b, today I will be talking about if liquids can be compressed.

Water is the most common liquid on our planet. Liquid is one of the five primary states of matter,the others being solid, gas, plasma and bose einstein condensate. Liquid is a fluid. Liquid is able to flow and take shape in a container, some liquids resist compression although others can be compressed.

(show prop) for example this liquid is taking on the shape of its container. With a full bottle the particles are held in place and it has a definite shape, unless you are strong enough to change it’s shape and squash it. The liquid particles are held so closely together they tumble over each other and this is why a liquid takes on a shape of whichever container it is placed in.

This bottle can not be squashed there isn’t any space between the particles, a liquid can not be compressed in a bottle that is full because it’s a solid.

(show prop) If we have a bottle of water which is half full, we can compress the bottle because of the volume of water. We can compress the bottle because it’s a solid and because of it’s shape. However, the density of the water does not change because of the pressure.

With this balloon, if I squeeze the balloon too much it will pop before the water compresses inside.

Conclusion: Liquids can be compressed, but by very little, given very high pressure. The density of the water does not change with pressure. The reason anything is compressible is because of the atoms that are packed so tightly together.

Thank you for your attention.

The mysterious house

“Duke Stop doing that it’s annoying!” Said Joe in a serious voice.

“I know that’s the whole point.” Replied duke.

“Then just stop doing that. Do you want to play Minecraft.” asked Joe.

“Why not. But we can’t the exterminator is coming remember.” Replied Duke.

“Oh I forgot about that!” yelled Joe.


“Maybe we’ll go play football at the park.” Requested Duck.

“Ok fine, where’s the football.” Replied Joe.

“Um, right beside you.” Said Duke


As they were walking to the park they saw a strange house. It looked like a temple so they decided to knock on the door.

“Hello anyone home.” Yelled Joe. They waited 5 minutes no one came to the door.

Then the door opened.

“Hello your door was open. Hmm looks like no one’s home” Said Duke really quietly.

“Search the place, it looks subspecies in here.” Said Joe acting like a cop. It took the 3 hours.


“Did you find anything?” Asked Joe.

“Um kind of you see a family lives here.” Replied Duke.

“We got to get out of here.” Yelled Joe.


They ran home but couldn’t go inside, so they played football until the exterminator was gone.

2 hours later.


“Finally that’s over. Hey do you want to play football.” Requested Joe.

“Yeah sure.” Replied Duke.