100wc: Bigfoot

One day I was walking in the park and found a pair of mammoth footprints. I went home and told my big brother he said “ya know how you seen that bigfoot foot” “no he doesn’t actually have big feet” I interrupted, I saw the movie when I was 10. I went down to tell my adventures dad. He went to the park with me to have look. SUDDENLY a monkey to big to be a gorilla attacked my dad! but he whacked it IT WAS BIGFOOT!! There`s bite on dad’s shoulder (dun dun dun)!

Haunted house

One dark and stormy night a boy and his friend were walking and saw A creepy looking house on top of the tall steep hill. And strangely they decided to walk to it and go inside of the house. When they slowly walked up to the gate there was a sign that said DANGER in big words. They ignored the sign and carefully they climbed over the gates. They started to walk fast when approaching the doors. When they got to the doors they went inside, and the doors behind them slammed shut. They walked to the center of the house. It was really bright but then suddenly it went dark!

The laughing seal

As I gazed across the beach I sore I seal laying on some seaweed and just, laughing. I stared thought why is he laughing what made him laugh? So I went up to it and poked it.

“Hey why did you poke me?!” said the seal. I was SO shocked because the seal just talked to me.

“Um, sorry i was just wondering why you were laughing?” I asked.

“Because my friend ratty is tickling me!”

“Hey!” Yelled the rat. I thought it was really weird that a rat and a seal could talk so I slowly, walked away back home.


BTN- WannaCry cyberattack

There are alot of computer viruses but this one was caused by a someone who hacked peoples computers which caused viruses


There was someone who hacked alot of peoples computers which caused a viruses. Because of this viruses alot of hospitals in the UK were closed temporarily. Wannacry hacked over 300 000 computers in 150 contries.


A question I have is how long were the hospitals close for? Another question I have is could something like this happen again?


I learnt that there was a really bad viruses going all over the world.

100WC-The delicious hamburger!!!

My goal is to use more punctuation I dont really use this  or just use it at bad times so I think I should work on that.


“Mmm. What is that smell? It smells so good.” Asked Steve.

“Oh um it’s just my burger.” replied Dan.

“Whats in it?” asked Steve.

“Nothing.” said Dan

“TELL ME NOW!”yelled Steve.

“Ok you dont have to scream theres: a meat patty, lettuce, tomatos, tomato sauce,and cheese.” said Dan.

Steve was drulling when he looked at and he wanted it so bad.

“Can I have it?” asked Steve.

“NO!” yelled Dan.

Steve thought there was no other way to get it but by force.

“GIVE IT TO ME!” Yelled Steve. So after they were punching and kicking each other the winner was their dad who came to the kitchen and ate the burger.

BTN: Citizenship changes

In the past Australian citizens have been issued with a citizen certificate, the right to earn employment, to vote and unfortunately pay taxes.


Over 200 000 people have been given a certificate every year.

New citizens are given permanent residency.

Residents should uphold our countries laws and values.


Why does the government need to change laws?

How does the government know that new citizens will uphold the laws and values of our country?


I have learnt that in order to become a citizen of Australia you need to fulfill certain requirements. For example what do we know about Anzac day?  you will need to have been living here for four years, and be able to speak English.

My dad is from New Zealand and has been living here for 16 years and been paying taxes and can’t become a citizen and vote and I don’t think that’s fair.  There were laws that were passed that means that my dad can’t become a citizen because he came to Australia after a certain date.

100WC: Parallel

“OK i’m going to do it!” I said to my friend. “3,2,1 i’m walking into the wall.” Instead of walking into it I walked through it. I couldn’t believe at first but I pinched myself and it wasn’t a dream because I didn’t wake up.


“Excuse me police were am I-” They pulled their guns out and I thought, Why are they pulling their guns out?

“Sir we’ve found he prisoner!”Said the “police” through the walkie talkie.

“Are you police?” I asked.

“Nope. Well yes and no we’re bad cops.”

“what’s that supposed to mean?”

“We sometimes just arrest people for fun.” they replied  “But your are a prisoner.”


src speech

The successful candante should be able to show respect and be attentive.

You should be able to collaborate well with other people. You should be caring, helpful, friendly, and approachable to other people.

A good SRC member should be optimistic, pleasant, and display good leader ship skills.

A good leader should work well together and by themselves. They should be encoenging, pleasant, and friendly.


I play basketball on the weekend and that’s about effective communicating and be encouraging to the people you work with.

thank you.

BTN: Youngest olympian

This video is explaining about the youngest olympian and this video will explain more.

The youngest olympian is 13 years old and she is representing her country, the past few days she has been doing interviews and much more. She is representing nepal a country in south africa where she was born and she was able to represent her country in swimming. In 2020 the young olympian will be 17 and representing her country.

What I learnt was that there was actully a 13 year old representig her country and doing loads of interviews. I also learnt that there was a small country in south asia, nepal.

A quesion I have is, how did she qualify to get in the olympics at that age, can you even be that young to qualify.

As I stared into the water it began to turn green

When Joe jumped into the water he stayed under water for 5 seconds, he got out of the water and as he stared into the water it began to turn green. People started turning green the whole place started turning green and he was freaking out! He got out of the water and he stared at everyone and thought, why are there so many weirdos everywhere what’s happening to everyone and everything? He ran outside and everything was the same but the weirdos pulled him back. Joe ran and they all yelled stop running! He didn’t listen and he fell in the pool and drowned.

Goal: My goal was to make my story mostly a narrative and use punctuation more often.