BTN- WannaCry cyberattack

There are alot of computer viruses but this one was caused by a someone who hacked peoples computers which caused viruses


There was someone who hacked alot of peoples computers which caused a viruses. Because of this viruses alot of hospitals in the UK were closed temporarily. Wannacry hacked over 300 000 computers in 150 contries.


A question I have is how long were the hospitals close for? Another question I have is could something like this happen again?


I learnt that there was a really bad viruses going all over the world.

BTN: Citizenship changes

In the past Australian citizens have been issued with a citizen certificate, the right to earn employment, to vote and unfortunately pay taxes.


Over 200 000 people have been given a certificate every year.

New citizens are given permanent residency.

Residents should uphold our countries laws and values.


Why does the government need to change laws?

How does the government know that new citizens will uphold the laws and values of our country?


I have learnt that in order to become a citizen of Australia you need to fulfill certain requirements. For example what do we know about Anzac day?  you will need to have been living here for four years, and be able to speak English.

My dad is from New Zealand and has been living here for 16 years and been paying taxes and can’t become a citizen and vote and I don’t think that’s fair.  There were laws that were passed that means that my dad can’t become a citizen because he came to Australia after a certain date.


Babylon had a system of writing so they could record mathmatical modles.

Talami was a greek citazian bourn in eygept while the romans were ruleing egyept.

Maya were just as interested in astrology but there text were burnt by spanish people.


Hyparcas was the father of triganamtrie .

In 12,000 years from now the north star wont be called polaress it will be called vaga.


My queston is why will the nortstar’s name change why won’t it stay the same

BTN: Youngest olympian

This video is explaining about the youngest olympian and this video will explain more.

The youngest olympian is 13 years old and she is representing her country, the past few days she has been doing interviews and much more. She is representing nepal a country in south africa where she was born and she was able to represent her country in swimming. In 2020 the young olympian will be 17 and representing her country.

What I learnt was that there was actully a 13 year old representig her country and doing loads of interviews. I also learnt that there was a small country in south asia, nepal.

A quesion I have is, how did she qualify to get in the olympics at that age, can you even be that young to qualify.

BTN: Too much junk food

There’s too much kids eating junk food and are not eating fruits or veg and this video will explain more.

Aussie kids aren’t making the right food choices and  that studies in south Australia show that alot of 9 & 10 year old are getting their energy from junk food. Kids should be eating 2 to 3 servings  of fruit and veg everyday. Kids should also be eating proteins like eggs ,nuts and beans.

Something I learnt was that half of kids in Australia aren’t eating fruit or veg. I also learnt that 70% of kids in the world eat too much junk food.

A question I have is why are kids not eating more healthy?  Shouldn’t kids be taught to eat properly from when they are little?

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BTN: Violent toys

Some toys are becoming violent and kids are becoming more aggressive and this video will explain more.

Lego was around since 1949 from a really small town Billund, that’s near Denmark. 30 years later the first lego weapons were introduced in a castle set, the weapons being swords, guns, lightsabers and much more. More than 40% of pages in lego catalogs are violent or threatening behaviour and kids start doing those things.

I learnt that it’s not just lego becoming violent it’s also other toys, video games, tv shows and movies that kids are watching and playing. In addition to this I also learnt that some people say that pretend violence is ok because it won’t lead to the real thing.

A question I have is,  why do they have to buy the lego sets with the guns and swords why can’t they just get the ones with no weapons?



This video was about Shakespeare and what he did as a writer, and an actor.

Shakespeare was the greatest English writer of all time and lots and lots of things we read today are based on his words or writing.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 and he died over 400 years ago.  He was British.

People have categorised his plays as comedies, tragedies and histories.  They said in the video that there are always people getting married in his comedies.

Shakespeare came up with 1700 words like: Eyeball, new fangle, buzz, and assassination. People use these words nearly every day.

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays in 25 years like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth and many more.

I want to know how Shakespeare died and why he disappeared.

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BTN: Moving Australia.

This video was about  how the first fleet came to Australia and took over aboriginals land and how some people think it’s not a good day to celebrate and they call it invasion day.

January 26 1901 the first fleet arrived carrying convicts from Britain because they had too many prisoners.

Captain Arthur fillip took position of the land for the British empire.

People believe that Australia day should be on a different day like January the 1st 1901 when Australian colinies united to create one nation or anzac day or January 25th the last day the aboriginals were in charge of this land.


Something I learnt from this video is that when the British came they destroyed Aboriginal culture.  It doesn’t matter which date Australia Day is held on, it is about welcoming new people to Australia, celebrating our different cultures and remembering the people who lived before us.

I am still wondering how many ships the first fleet needed to carry 759 convicts.

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Reconciliation week:btn

Reconciliation week is about people learning how to trust indigenous people and this video shows us why.


Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander didn’t count as part of the population of Australia.

The girl in the video did a social experiment of people getting to hug her while she was blindfolded.  She did this because only 13% of people think there is trust with Indigenous and non indigenous people.

Indigenous people were not allowed to go to the same school, shops and hospitals as non indigenous people.


I learnt from the video that a lot of people think Aboriginals are not trustworthy.  I also learnt what reconciliation week is because I had never heard of it.

Why weren’t Aborginal people allowed to go to the same shops, schools and hospitals?  That would mean some of my friends wouldn’t have been able to go to my school.

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Refugee sport:BTN


  1. More than 3.3 million people have been forced to leave their homes because of fighting in sport , including many children.
  2. They opened a football club where kids would be able to learn and feel welcomed .
  3. They opened the football club because it gave the kids something fun to do during the tough times.


  1. I know that they built the football club to teach the refugee kids the sport.
  2. I also know now is that some of the kids lived in the refugee camp.


I wonder where the kids used to live?


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