100wc: The horses escape!

“kids wake up were going to luna park.”said Jeff and Bob’s mum. They both leaped out of thier bed with exitment and ate breakfest stright away had a shower, got dressed and were ready to go. It took them 1 hour to get there. When they got there they thought they start off small and go on the marygo round first.

They charged to the line and waited. 5 minutes later they are finnaly on the marygo round. the ride was starting to spin around, but half way through the ride the horses started to move. They were moving there tail then started to blink then the horses leaped of and ran away as fast as they could. They so tied of people sitting on them all the time they were forcing to get off the bars and run away, and they did.

BTN: Intervention Anniversary

This video was about Indigenous kids not being treated well and people declared an emergency about that.


A emergency can be declared when theres a natural disaster, an attack, etc. In 2007 an emergency was declared for a different reason, it was beacuse alot of indigenous kids were treated poorly so people declared an emergency about that. The Prime Minister at the time immediately sent the military and heaps more police to fix the problems such as alcohol, violence, unemployment, poor health and poor education.


Something I learnt was that you can declare a emergency I didn’t know you could do that.


A question I have is, why do they have to treat the kids bad why can’t they treat them like normal kids? And why would the goverment take their money if they dont go to school what if they can’t offord it?


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Animal Adaptations reflection

Section 1:

This term we did a science project on animal adaptations. We did this in partners and my partner was Sofia, our animal was the greater Bilby. In our project we had to do three different things: Adaptations, habitat and experiment. There are so many adaptations for the Bilby (an adaptation is the action or process of adapting or being adapted). The habitat is where the animal lives and what’s around it. Then we conduced an experiment on one of the Bilby’s adaptations.


3 facts I found interesting:

1.I like how the Bilby’s strong limbs can escape predators and can dig a hole up to 3 meters deep! And just with it’s forelimbs and sharp claws and the Bilby can dig a hole in 30secs-1min.

2.I also think that since the Bilby has poor vision it relies on it’s other senses to find it’s way around like smell ,hearing etc.

3.The final thing I found interesting was that they very rarely drink water because they get all of their moisture from their food.

2 understandings I have:

1.Something I learnt was the Bilby gets all its water/moister from it’s food.

2. And that the Bilby turns it’s ears in circles to listen better for it’s food (bugs).

1 wonder I have:

Something I want to find out is why the Bilby is so territorial why doesn’t it come out at night (it’s nocturnal).


section 2:

One of the most important that I learnt as that all living things have adaptations and behavioral features nothing that is living doesn’t have 1 adaptations. I learnt it by paying attention in class and doing a lot of research. What i’m going to do with what I have learnt is tell other people about it and store it in my brain.



This term we did a science project on a Bilby we told you about it’s adaptations, habitat, behavioral features and behavioral adaptations etc. I told you what I will do with what I have learnt and told you what I did learn and I have told you what I want to learn and what one of the most important thing was that I learnt.