On the other side of the door

At first I thought I was dreaming but I asked my friend to pinch me and I wasn’t dreaming. It was a large brown door with smoke coming out of the bottom of the door.

“I dare you to knock on it.” Said Bill.

“What no way, I’m not going anywhere near that door!” Replied Jeffery. All they did was stand there and do nothing just stare at the door. Until Jeffery went up to the door to open it. It was the moment of truth to see what was behind the door. On the other side of the door was. A giant poo man.
“What’s your name?” asked bill.
“My names Jeff.” Said Jeff. As soon as he said his name he charged at Bill and Jeffery. Bill and Jeffery were running so fast to get away from the Jeff but Jeff was too fast and would always catch up to them. When they were running they got a vase with water in it and threw it at Jeff so they could hide.

When they were hiding they were planning how to take him down without touching him (because he was covered in poo).

“Ok so how are we going to take him town without touching him?!” Said Jeffery.

“I don’t know. Throw stuff at him.” Replied Bill.

“Throw what at him?!” Said Jeffery.

“I don’t know anything you can find.” Said Bill.

So they ran out of the room to go find stuff to throw at Jeff. Jeffery found plates and Bill found thick books, they could hear him running down the hall way, they were getting ready to throw the things at him but he didn’t run into the room he ran into the next room. They decided to not do the plan were they throw stuff at him instead they were just going to run and hide try to avoid him. After Bill and Jeffery were hiding under the bed in Jeffery’s room, they decided to leave Jeffery’s room.

5 minutes later!


“Where do you think he is?” Asked Bill. Jeffery shrugged. They were walking around looking for him to tackle him to the ground (they decided to just attack him by touching). They were looking for him for ages until they heard something in Bill’s room they went to Bill’s door and kicked the door open, they talked him to the ground as soon as they sore him. They called the police they put him in jail for trespassing and chasing them trying to kill them.

“‘Phew’ glad that’s over!” said Bill.

“Yeah, I to hope nothing like that happens again.” Replied Jeffery.


The End!