100WC-The delicious hamburger!!!

My goal is to use more punctuation I dont really use this  or just use it at bad times so I think I should work on that.


“Mmm. What is that smell? It smells so good.” Asked Steve.

“Oh um it’s just my burger.” replied Dan.

“Whats in it?” asked Steve.

“Nothing.” said Dan

“TELL ME NOW!”yelled Steve.

“Ok you dont have to scream theres: a meat patty, lettuce, tomatos, tomato sauce,and cheese.” said Dan.

Steve was drulling when he looked at and he wanted it so bad.

“Can I have it?” asked Steve.

“NO!” yelled Dan.

Steve thought there was no other way to get it but by force.

“GIVE IT TO ME!” Yelled Steve. So after they were punching and kicking each other the winner was their dad who came to the kitchen and ate the burger.

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