BTN-Ocean rubbish

In this video it explains how long the bits of plastic and rubbish can stay in the ocean for and what it can do to the living creatures in the ocean.

Each day more than 3.5 million pieces of plastic wash up into the ocean. In the pacific ocean there is a patch of floting plastic bigger than new south wales. It would take a cuple of years to reach from australia to new zealand and after all that time in the ocean it breaks up into little pieces.

A question I have is how can they stop this? also, how do the bits of plastic break into pieces?

I learnt that when they break up into bits of pieces those are called micro plastics.

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One thought on “BTN-Ocean rubbish

  1. Jake,
    this is a really important and disturbing issue. This “Pacific Gyre” has been growing for almost a century and is only getting bigger. Not only is it totally GROSS, but it is a huge danger to so much wildlife. Even when we finally decide to do something about protecting our environment from this horrible pollution, the plastic will stick around for possibly hundreds of years! It is becoming clearer and clearer that humans really do have to change a lot of our behaviours and take better care of our beautiful planet.
    I love the way you are choosing articles that you are clearly passionate about-it makes such a difference to the effect it has to your audience
    You’re really going from strength to strength!
    Go Jake!

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