100WC-That’s disgusting (not a true story!)

I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting! It tasted like dog poo (I had to lick dog poo for losing a bet).

And it looked like dog poo, it smelt bad as well and it was brown!

“You have to take another bite, after all you lost another bet!” said Mike.

“I know but it’s just so disgusting!” replied Joe.

“So you still lost the bet!” said Mike.

“OK!” replied Joe. He ate another bite and another and another and they were huge bites as well. When he finished the disgusting object Mike started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” asked Joe.

“That was Dog poo!” replied Mike. After that Joe was so mad that he planned to prank Mike back with vengeance!

2 thoughts on “100WC-That’s disgusting (not a true story!)

  1. Hi, Jake,
    I liked your use of punctuation and paragraphs, but the plot was a bit too disgusting for my liking, I think you shoulden’t go too far into the details.
    So that’s all! Sorry if I was a bit too mean. Bye!

  2. Good job on this 100wc. You used the prompt really well. But maybe next time put in a goal as well so people know what you were aiming for in this 100wc and see how well you met it.

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