100WC- the giant slimy slug


My goal was to use more punctuation and more talking marks.


The slime dripped through the floorboards when we were hiding under them.

“Is he gone?” asked Jeff.

“I don’t know.” replied Joe. “I’ll check.” “He’s not there lets go!” said Joe. They ran as fast as they could to Jeff’s room and got there safely, but the slug heard and was coming. They thought they were doomed until they realized salt kills slugs.


“We need run to the kitchen to get salt and spread it over the slug!” Requested Joe.

“Great idea but we’ll have to run really fast!” replied Jeff

“Don’t worry slugs are really slow.”

“Oh yeah!” So they ran as fast as they could to the kitchen and they got the salt looked around and couldn’t see the slug but then it came and they put all the salt on the slug then it died.

6 thoughts on “100WC- the giant slimy slug

  1. Jake,
    I agree with Nick that the ideas in this piece are wonderful. The idea of creating panic (and with it, the need for speed that you mention) about a slug (that is associated with slowness) is a brilliant comic idea, and matches the prompt of slime perfectly.
    And to top it off, you’ve given yourself a great context to work on your goal of dialogue. The speaking here moves the story along and gives great voice to the piece.
    Great work!

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