BTN: Citizenship changes

In the past Australian citizens have been issued with a citizen certificate, the right to earn employment, to vote and unfortunately pay taxes.


Over 200 000 people have been given a certificate every year.

New citizens are given permanent residency.

Residents should uphold our countries laws and values.


Why does the government need to change laws?

How does the government know that new citizens will uphold the laws and values of our country?


I have learnt that in order to become a citizen of Australia you need to fulfill certain requirements. For example what do we know about Anzac day?  you will need to have been living here for four years, and be able to speak English.

My dad is from New Zealand and has been living here for 16 years and been paying taxes and can’t become a citizen and vote and I don’t think that’s fair.  There were laws that were passed that means that my dad can’t become a citizen because he came to Australia after a certain date.

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  1. Great work Jake- I can tell you have thought about this issue and your knowledge and opinions are clearly expressed here. I am particularly impressed in the way you have made such thoughtful connections to your own experience-this is exactly what a year 6 BTN reflection should aim for.
    Well done!

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