100WC: Parallel

“OK i’m going to do it!” I said to my friend. “3,2,1 i’m walking into the wall.” Instead of walking into it I walked through it. I couldn’t believe at first but I pinched myself and it wasn’t a dream because I didn’t wake up.


“Excuse me police were am I-” They pulled their guns out and I thought, Why are they pulling their guns out?

“Sir we’ve found he prisoner!”Said the “police” through the walkie talkie.

“Are you police?” I asked.

“Nope. Well yes and no we’re bad cops.”

“what’s that supposed to mean?”

“We sometimes just arrest people for fun.” they replied  “But your are a prisoner.”


BTN: Ahn go

3 Facts:

  1. Anh do and his parents escaped Vietnam an spent 5 days at sea.
  2. Anh do is a famous comedian and wrote a lot of books.
  3. Anh do and his parents had 2 pirate attacks.


2 Questions:

  1. How old was he when he was at sea?
  2. When did Anh do start being a comidien?


1 insight:

  1. I learnt that anh do was at sea for 5 Days.