src speech

The successful candante should be able to show respect and be attentive.

You should be able to collaborate well with other people. You should be caring, helpful, friendly, and approachable to other people.

A good SRC member should be optimistic, pleasant, and display good leader ship skills.

A good leader should work well together and by themselves. They should be encoenging, pleasant, and friendly.


I play basketball on the weekend and that’s about effective communicating and be encouraging to the people you work with.

thank you.

ant letter respose

dear ant,

on the holidays I went to the pool nearly everyday but I went to see a movie I wanted to see when the trailers came out. It was called middle school it was really good!


I also went to my friends house because mum and ad were working. we went to a Farm near northland and it was great. I did a lot more stuff but I cant name them all.



today was safer internet day where we were on the webinar were greg (I think) was telling the story about this girl wanted to apply this lollie bag comp. She had to audition for it, and she had to post it on

FUNTUBE when she posted it she got REALLY BULLIED. the comp was named  lollylab jnr,

and she got 1st place in the lollylab jnr and she got to make her VERY OWN LOLLY MAKER THINGY.

And then lots of people was contacting her and didnt know what to do. But her lolly were still in the store.

and the lollys was sent every where and she was famous!