Coding reflection


Today we were learning about coding. We did it with Ant. What I learnt was coding is everywhere, for example: coding can be in your TV, xbox, playstation, etc.

Ant also taught us about debugging which is a error or a bug. Ant also said when they used machines Sometimes little bugs would get in them and the would stop working. If your wondering what coding is. Its something people can use to make games, websites, etc.

What I would like to learn:
I would like to learn more advance coding and how to use scratch

What confuses me or excites me:

The thing that confuses me is the coding it self. And something i’m excited for is that in the future I could be doing really advance coding.

How can we improve learning about coding @ MPPS:

I think we could improve learning about coding is by doing it every 1-2 weeks and teach us how to use scratch.