BTN: Youngest olympian

This video is explaining about the youngest olympian and this video will explain more.

The youngest olympian is 13 years old and she is representing her country, the past few days she has been doing interviews and much more. She is representing nepal a country in south africa where she was born and she was able to represent her country in swimming. In 2020 the young olympian will be 17 and representing her country.

What I learnt was that there was actully a 13 year old representig her country and doing loads of interviews. I also learnt that there was a small country in south asia, nepal.

A quesion I have is, how did she qualify to get in the olympics at that age, can you even be that young to qualify.

As I stared into the water it began to turn green

When Joe jumped into the water he stayed under water for 5 seconds, he got out of the water and as he stared into the water it began to turn green. People started turning green the whole place started turning green and he was freaking out! He got out of the water and he stared at everyone and thought, why are there so many weirdos everywhere what’s happening to everyone and everything? He ran outside and everything was the same but the weirdos pulled him back. Joe ran and they all yelled stop running! He didn’t listen and he fell in the pool and drowned.

Goal: My goal was to make my story mostly a narrative and use punctuation more often.