BTN: Violent toys

Some toys are becoming violent and kids are becoming more aggressive and this video will explain more.

Lego was around since 1949 from a really small town Billund, that’s near Denmark. 30 years later the first lego weapons were introduced in a castle set, the weapons being swords, guns, lightsabers and much more. More than 40% of pages in lego catalogs are violent or threatening behaviour and kids start doing those things.

I learnt that it’s not just lego becoming violent it’s also other toys, video games, tv shows and movies that kids are watching and playing. In addition to this I also learnt that some people say that pretend violence is ok because it won’t lead to the real thing.

A question I have is,  why do they have to buy the lego sets with the guns and swords why can’t they just get the ones with no weapons?


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