BTN: Endangered animals

There are a lot of endangered animals in the world and this video will tell you what the endangered animals are and why there endangered.

Some animals where added to a list of endangered animals and it was first set up 15 years ago to make people more aware of the animals that are in trouble. At the moment there are about 798 animals that are vonerible and 681 endangered and 217 that are critically endangered which means the last you can get before they come extinct. This year 21 animals have been added to the list they include the ghost bat, and the rock wallaby, the elthmen  cotter butterfly and the swith parrot.


something I have learnt is the amount of animals that have been endangered vonerible and critically endangered and that’s something I never knew. I also learnt the list of endangered animals was made 15 years ago, in fact I never even knew about the list.


A question I have is why are the animals becoming endangered what killed them or who?



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