BTN: Too much junk food

There’s too much kids eating junk food and are not eating fruits or veg and this video will explain more.

Aussie kids aren’t making the right food choices and  that studies in south Australia show that alot of 9 & 10 year old are getting their energy from junk food. Kids should be eating 2 to 3 servings  of fruit and veg everyday. Kids should also be eating proteins like eggs ,nuts and beans.

Something I learnt was that half of kids in Australia aren’t eating fruit or veg. I also learnt that 70% of kids in the world eat too much junk food.

A question I have is why are kids not eating more healthy?  Shouldn’t kids be taught to eat properly from when they are little?

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100wc week 22: Violin, Eaten, Yellow, Airplane.

“Violin, Eaten, Yellow, Airplane. What!!?.” yelled Joe. “That’s crazy how could a violin eat a yellow airplane it’s just made me speech less.”
“Um it’s just a violin eating a yellow airplane.” said Bob like he didn’t care. Joe didn’t even answer because he said that he didn’t care and didn’t think it was crazy. The next day they saw the violin eat another yellow airplane and this time Bob thought it WAS crazy. They were both going to go to Sydney but then didn’t want to. 2 hours later of looking out the window they went home and went to bed.

BTN: Violent toys

Some toys are becoming violent and kids are becoming more aggressive and this video will explain more.

Lego was around since 1949 from a really small town Billund, that’s near Denmark. 30 years later the first lego weapons were introduced in a castle set, the weapons being swords, guns, lightsabers and much more. More than 40% of pages in lego catalogs are violent or threatening behaviour and kids start doing those things.

I learnt that it’s not just lego becoming violent it’s also other toys, video games, tv shows and movies that kids are watching and playing. In addition to this I also learnt that some people say that pretend violence is ok because it won’t lead to the real thing.

A question I have is,  why do they have to buy the lego sets with the guns and swords why can’t they just get the ones with no weapons?


Reaflection on my prepeard speech

Something I felt difficult was the research beacuse sometimes it would come up with something I have already done and that was kind of annoying. And it was hard to find the key points on some of the web sites because some of them were cofusing and hard to understand. I also founnd puting everything together hard to do because I diden’t know where to put the infomation on my cue cards but I evantioually worked it out .


The strong parts of my presentation were that liquids can be compressed in a half-full bottle not a full one. Another strong point was that liquid can’t be compressed in a full botle which means on a empty bottle you are squezing air.


Next time I think I could stop moving to much next time and have smaller cue cards and I think I was to nervous that’s why I was moving to much and because I had to big of cue cards I got lost on where I was on the cue cards.


I could use my speeking and listening skills in other subjects like in maths, litercy, and all the other subjects for when we do a turn and talk. And when we are doing leasons I use my listening skills to lee when he’s talking. 


below is my prepeard speech:

Introduction:Good Morning 5/6b, today I will be talking about if liquids can be compressed.

Water is the most common liquid on our planet. Liquid is one of the five primary states of matter,the others being solid, gas, plasma and bose einstein condensate. Liquid is a fluid. Liquid is able to flow and take shape in a container, some liquids resist compression although others can be compressed.

(show prop) for example this liquid is taking on the shape of its container. With a full bottle the particles are held in place and it has a definite shape, unless you are strong enough to change it’s shape and squash it. The liquid particles are held so closely together they tumble over each other and this is why a liquid takes on a shape of whichever container it is placed in.

This bottle can not be squashed there isn’t any space between the particles, a liquid can not be compressed in a bottle that is full because it’s a solid.

(show prop) If we have a bottle of water which is half full, we can compress the bottle because of the volume of water. We can compress the bottle because it’s a solid and because of it’s shape. However, the density of the water does not change because of the pressure.

With this balloon, if I squeeze the balloon too much it will pop before the water compresses inside.

Conclusion: Liquids can be compressed, but by very little, given very high pressure. The density of the water does not change with pressure. The reason anything is compressible is because of the atoms that are packed so tightly together.

Thank you for your attention.

Where is everyone: 100wc week 21

A whistle blew and everyone disappeared just like that the only people left where 2 boys named tom and jerry and they were playing video games and didn’t even know no one was there.
“It seems quiet outside to quiet.” said Tom
“Yeah I agree.” replied Bob. they went outside to find no one there and they were confused because they didn’t know where everyone went.
“Where is everyone?” asked Bob.
“Maybe there still inside.” replied Tom.
“No there not we would be able to here them because there so loud.” said Bob. After 10 minutes everyone that disappeared yelled SURPRISE!

BTN: Endangered animals

There are a lot of endangered animals in the world and this video will tell you what the endangered animals are and why there endangered.

Some animals where added to a list of endangered animals and it was first set up 15 years ago to make people more aware of the animals that are in trouble. At the moment there are about 798 animals that are vonerible and 681 endangered and 217 that are critically endangered which means the last you can get before they come extinct. This year 21 animals have been added to the list they include the ghost bat, and the rock wallaby, the elthmen  cotter butterfly and the swith parrot.


something I have learnt is the amount of animals that have been endangered vonerible and critically endangered and that’s something I never knew. I also learnt the list of endangered animals was made 15 years ago, in fact I never even knew about the list.


A question I have is why are the animals becoming endangered what killed them or who?