The mysterious house

“Duke Stop doing that it’s annoying!” Said Joe in a serious voice.

“I know that’s the whole point.” Replied duke.

“Then just stop doing that. Do you want to play Minecraft.” asked Joe.

“Why not. But we can’t the exterminator is coming remember.” Replied Duke.

“Oh I forgot about that!” yelled Joe.


“Maybe we’ll go play football at the park.” Requested Duck.

“Ok fine, where’s the football.” Replied Joe.

“Um, right beside you.” Said Duke


As they were walking to the park they saw a strange house. It looked like a temple so they decided to knock on the door.

“Hello anyone home.” Yelled Joe. They waited 5 minutes no one came to the door.

Then the door opened.

“Hello your door was open. Hmm looks like no one’s home” Said Duke really quietly.

“Search the place, it looks subspecies in here.” Said Joe acting like a cop. It took the 3 hours.


“Did you find anything?” Asked Joe.

“Um kind of you see a family lives here.” Replied Duke.

“We got to get out of here.” Yelled Joe.


They ran home but couldn’t go inside, so they played football until the exterminator was gone.

2 hours later.


“Finally that’s over. Hey do you want to play football.” Requested Joe.

“Yeah sure.” Replied Duke.

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