BTN:Naplan tests

Naplan is test kids do to test their knowledge and this video will explain how naplan works and much more.

Students in grade 3,5,7,9 take the test every year in may but year 2,4,6,8 don’t.

People think naplan will be easier online because it would be quicker better and more accurate to mark  and some people think it’s a bad idea.

Some people think it’s better to go online because it test’s the kids knowledge that they already know but some people think they should test the kids on something that they don’t know.

Something I learnt was that the people who made the test want the test to go online and they came up with it on paper any way.

I also learnt that the test is seeing if aussie education is up to scratch and that the kids are learning everything they need to know.

My question is why are they planning to move the test on the internet instead of pen and paper


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