Who are you: 100wc week 20

It was year 2015 and were no people from the old west around but someone was a cowboy and was dangerous.
“Who is that guy why is here?” Asked John.
“I don’t know he must be in a costume.” Replied Peter. They walked up to him and said.
“Where are you from.” they both said at the same time.
“I’m from the old west and I would win every dull I was in.” Said the strange man. People would here gun shots in his house and people were scared. After 10 days he said to everyone that he was living and everyone was so happy that he was gone.

The mysterious house

“Duke Stop doing that it’s annoying!” Said Joe in a serious voice.

“I know that’s the whole point.” Replied duke.

“Then just stop doing that. Do you want to play Minecraft.” asked Joe.

“Why not. But we can’t the exterminator is coming remember.” Replied Duke.

“Oh I forgot about that!” yelled Joe.


“Maybe we’ll go play football at the park.” Requested Duck.

“Ok fine, where’s the football.” Replied Joe.

“Um, right beside you.” Said Duke


As they were walking to the park they saw a strange house. It looked like a temple so they decided to knock on the door.

“Hello anyone home.” Yelled Joe. They waited 5 minutes no one came to the door.

Then the door opened.

“Hello your door was open. Hmm looks like no one’s home” Said Duke really quietly.

“Search the place, it looks subspecies in here.” Said Joe acting like a cop. It took the 3 hours.


“Did you find anything?” Asked Joe.

“Um kind of you see a family lives here.” Replied Duke.

“We got to get out of here.” Yelled Joe.


They ran home but couldn’t go inside, so they played football until the exterminator was gone.

2 hours later.


“Finally that’s over. Hey do you want to play football.” Requested Joe.

“Yeah sure.” Replied Duke.

My goals for semester 1 and 2


I want to get better at being more organized and being a better leader because last year and the year before that I would loss my books, pencils, pens, all the stuff I could use. Also I want to learn how to be a better leader because I’m in year 5/6 now.


I want to learn to not get so distracted when I work I get distracted sometimes I’ll do that by ignoring people unless it’s important.


I want to get better at multiplication and division because I’m not very good at it and I think that’s something I could work on.

I have archived most of my goals like being more organized. I archived that because I haven’t lost any of my books and pens and I use my chair bag better I am not putting paper in it like I did last year. And I think I have gotten better at my multiplication and I have gotten a little bit better at division but not a lot. While I work some people sometimes talk to me and I just ignore them if it’s not important so I don’t get distracted as much now. And I have gotten better at being a leader.


In the future I want to archive speaking in front of a large crowed. I would also my division more because I’m not very good at it and I want to get better at it. I would also like to get better at the area model with big numbers and small numbers. Another thing I would like to get better at is concentrating while I’m working because sometimes I get distracted and loss track on where I’m am in work. The last thing I want to get better at is multiplication because I’m not very good at it and I would like to work on that.

BTN:Naplan tests

Naplan is test kids do to test their knowledge and this video will explain how naplan works and much more.

Students in grade 3,5,7,9 take the test every year in may but year 2,4,6,8 don’t.

People think naplan will be easier online because it would be quicker better and more accurate to mark  and some people think it’s a bad idea.

Some people think it’s better to go online because it test’s the kids knowledge that they already know but some people think they should test the kids on something that they don’t know.

Something I learnt was that the people who made the test want the test to go online and they came up with it on paper any way.

I also learnt that the test is seeing if aussie education is up to scratch and that the kids are learning everything they need to know.

My question is why are they planning to move the test on the internet instead of pen and paper


prepared speech: Can liquids be compressed? If so why?If not why not?

Introduction:Good Morning 5/6b, today I will be talking about if liquids can be compressed.

Water is the most common liquid on our planet. Liquid is one of the five primary states of matter,the others being solid, gas, plasma and bose einstein condensate. Liquid is a fluid. Liquid is able to flow and take shape in a container, some liquids resist compression although others can be compressed.

(show prop) for example this liquid is taking on the shape of its container. With a full bottle the particles are held in place and it has a definite shape, unless you are strong enough to change it’s shape and squash it. The liquid particles are held so closely together they tumble over each other and this is why a liquid takes on a shape of whichever container it is placed in.

This bottle can not be squashed there isn’t any space between the particles, a liquid can not be compressed in a bottle that is full because it’s a solid.

(show prop) If we have a bottle of water which is half full, we can compress the bottle because of the volume of water. We can compress the bottle because it’s a solid and because of it’s shape. However, the density of the water does not change because of the pressure.

With this balloon, if I squeeze the balloon too much it will pop before the water compresses inside.

Conclusion: Liquids can be compressed, but by very little, given very high pressure. The density of the water does not change with pressure. The reason anything is compressible is because of the atoms that are packed so tightly together.

Thank you for your attention.

Flames! 100wc week 19

As the flame flicked then went out they wondered who started the fire and where he or she was.
“Do any of you guys know who started the fire?”asked John.
“Beats me.”
“Not a clue.”They all replied.
“Then we have to track him down find him and ask him questions.”said John. They searched for clues and found a address.
“Hm where’s this go to?” asked Bob.
“I don’t know let’s go to it.” replied Joe. When they got to the address they knocked on the door and asked alot of questions.
“Fine I set the fire” said the man. So they called the cops.

shhh: 100wc week 18

“Hey Mitch, and Mike come here we need to make a plan.” whispered Tom.
“I know what to do can do a SURPRISE ATTACK.”Yelled Mike.
“Yes great idea.” said Mitch. They planned for hours and decided to do a surprise attack.
“Where are they gonna be?” asked Mike.
“In your front yard.” replied Tom.
“Nooo. They better not touch the gnomes.”  They were all going to Mike’s front yard and when they got there, there were so many ninjas waiting for them.
“Ok we go in soon when they’re not looking. Shhh ok on three 1,2,3 silence,orange thunder,pyjamas swarm!”


This video is about camp refugee what you do there  and it also tells you about the refugee’s themselves.

Refugee camp teaches kids about what it would be like if they were a refugee.Refugee’s travel through states,countries, and territories because they got kicked out of their homes. In refugee camp you can not stop for some water,to catch your breath,or ask a question.

I learnt that refugee’s have to go on the ground when a person or car went by.I also learnt that refugee’s would walk/run for 24 hours with out stopping.

I want to know why people would get kicked out of their homes?



Stairway to the sky:100wc week 17

Whilst walking along the dark path , suddenly a light of magnificent colours appeared up ahead . It was bathed in the most luminous light , I was so taken by the beauty , and even though I knew it was so unusual , I was not scared .

As I approached , it appeared to be a stairway to the sky . I did not know why it was there , all I knew is that I was welcome to climb. I slowly stepped on and my body became warm , I could hear the sounds of voices, people chattering away, a sweet sound of laughter . I let the light take over , and then I was free.


This video was about Shakespeare and what he did as a writer, and an actor.

Shakespeare was the greatest English writer of all time and lots and lots of things we read today are based on his words or writing.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 and he died over 400 years ago.  He was British.

People have categorised his plays as comedies, tragedies and histories.  They said in the video that there are always people getting married in his comedies.

Shakespeare came up with 1700 words like: Eyeball, new fangle, buzz, and assassination. People use these words nearly every day.

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays in 25 years like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth and many more.

I want to know how Shakespeare died and why he disappeared.

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