BTN: Moving Australia.

This video was about  how the first fleet came to Australia and took over aboriginals land and how some people think it’s not a good day to celebrate and they call it invasion day.

January 26 1901 the first fleet arrived carrying convicts from Britain because they had too many prisoners.

Captain Arthur fillip took position of the land for the British empire.

People believe that Australia day should be on a different day like January the 1st 1901 when Australian colinies united to create one nation or anzac day or January 25th the last day the aboriginals were in charge of this land.


Something I learnt from this video is that when the British came they destroyed Aboriginal culture.  It doesn’t matter which date Australia Day is held on, it is about welcoming new people to Australia, celebrating our different cultures and remembering the people who lived before us.

I am still wondering how many ships the first fleet needed to carry 759 convicts.

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