but the spot grew and grew 100wc

As the darkness came out of the zombies and skeletons more land spread. but the spot just grew and grew near his house then more and more monsters.
“I knew I should not have defeated that huge wall.”
wherever he walked he saw no green grass, no green trees, and no animals just monsters.
“What’s that, is it a animal? No just a monster. kill.” said FrostBite. “Maybe i’ll just build a house.”
As he was building the house a huge monster appeard and nearly killed him, but didn’t, he finished building the house but, 2 hours later he died.

One thought on “but the spot grew and grew 100wc

  1. nice word choice I liked the voice you had really scary.
    you should of explained how did frostbite die? by a boss that would be scary.
    I think you should make this a storey and give it more detail.

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