BTN: Moving Australia.

This video was about  how the first fleet came to Australia and took over aboriginals land and how some people think it’s not a good day to celebrate and they call it invasion day.

January 26 1901 the first fleet arrived carrying convicts from Britain because they had too many prisoners.

Captain Arthur fillip took position of the land for the British empire.

People believe that Australia day should be on a different day like January the 1st 1901 when Australian colinies united to create one nation or anzac day or January 25th the last day the aboriginals were in charge of this land.


Something I learnt from this video is that when the British came they destroyed Aboriginal culture.  It doesn’t matter which date Australia Day is held on, it is about welcoming new people to Australia, celebrating our different cultures and remembering the people who lived before us.

I am still wondering how many ships the first fleet needed to carry 759 convicts.

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Reconciliation week:btn

Reconciliation week is about people learning how to trust indigenous people and this video shows us why.


Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander didn’t count as part of the population of Australia.

The girl in the video did a social experiment of people getting to hug her while she was blindfolded.  She did this because only 13% of people think there is trust with Indigenous and non indigenous people.

Indigenous people were not allowed to go to the same school, shops and hospitals as non indigenous people.


I learnt from the video that a lot of people think Aboriginals are not trustworthy.  I also learnt what reconciliation week is because I had never heard of it.

Why weren’t Aborginal people allowed to go to the same shops, schools and hospitals?  That would mean some of my friends wouldn’t have been able to go to my school.

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I put my hand in the box and felt

I put my hand in the box and felt something lurking in it.
It felt very scaly and wet, I felt scared so I pulled my hand out and ran but I couldn’t help thinking what was in there. So I went back and looked in the box, and it was gone.
“Where did it go? I swear it was here a minute ago.”
I looked everywhere even in other people’s houses.
After looking for hours I found another box and this time I looked in it.
“A baby crocodile. Cool!.”

I kept the baby crocodile, but 2 hours later it was gone.
Later he found another box.

Refugee sport:BTN


  1. More than 3.3 million people have been forced to leave their homes because of fighting in sport , including many children.
  2. They opened a football club where kids would be able to learn and feel welcomed .
  3. They opened the football club because it gave the kids something fun to do during the tough times.


  1. I know that they built the football club to teach the refugee kids the sport.
  2. I also know now is that some of the kids lived in the refugee camp.


I wonder where the kids used to live?


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but the spot grew and grew 100wc

As the darkness came out of the zombies and skeletons more land spread. but the spot just grew and grew near his house then more and more monsters.
“I knew I should not have defeated that huge wall.”
wherever he walked he saw no green grass, no green trees, and no animals just monsters.
“What’s that, is it a animal? No just a monster. kill.” said FrostBite. “Maybe i’ll just build a house.”
As he was building the house a huge monster appeard and nearly killed him, but didn’t, he finished building the house but, 2 hours later he died.