The teleporter 100 wc

“Get connected to the teleporter if you do you can go wherever you want.“said Frank.
“Why teleporters are dangerous. At least I think they are.”
” No there not you just step in it and say where you want to go.” replied rank.
“fine i’ll get connected to the teleporter if I have to.“said bob.
when he got connected to the teleporter he used it straight away.
“Wow this is awesome. Frank was right.” said bob.
then Frank teleported to bob.
“See i told you it was awesome and you said it wasn’t.”
“Ok it’s awesome.”

gala sports reflection


On Friday our school 5/6’s played gala sports and it was hot I am in softball so I’ll tell you about that. The first team we played were good because whenever we bated we would hit it but then they would just get us (the softball team) out every time. When we fielded we got them out a couple of times but they still one. The next team we first were

Strath maul and they were even better than the last team. Strath maul decided to field first and that was a bad thing. So whenever we hit it they would catch it and whenever they bat they would run to either second or third base all the time and our team didn’t even score a point.

But the next game was better we fielded first and did pretty well then when we bated we scored 5 points but they scored 7 points so we still lost but that was our best game far. And the last team we played was Aberfeldie and we played really well that game to in that game we scored 4 runs but they still scored 6 runs so close one for the last two games.

And in the end the day ended up being a really good day.