Sucked into Minecraft 100wc

The superhero Bobstar was

flying by and found a portal.”hm I am going through it. ok now I am having second thoughts.”said Bobstar
“Just go through the portal!” yelled a citizen.
“Ok here I go. wow this is AWESOME!”said Bobstar in amazement.
He saw a  Cow,pigs,and zombies.
“ZOMBIE!”yelled Bobstar.
“I think you can build in this can, ok I need to build a shelter.
A few blocks there and done the best house ever.”
“Now to make a sword.Let’s see I have some iron and oh wait there’s the portal.

The night shift at Freddy’s 100wc

The dancer was going to dance but then saw a help wanted poster at Freddy’s pizzeria so he signed up for the job.
“well this place is wired.” (phone call) “Ok watch the camera’s close the door’s if they get close OH NO THERE’S ONE THERE oh wait close the door.” Wow it’s already 4 AM nice now check the camera’s wait one of them has gone. Just stay calm by your self those though extra hours.”
As soon as he said that the power ran out. (Freddy music.) “I got this.”
6 AM music. yeah I did whoo. YES now I’m going to get my 120 dollars$.