What I did on the holidays and about me

Hello everyone my name is Jake and I am going to tell you a bit about myself and what I did on the holidays.


One of the things I did on the holidays is go to the beach , we went to the Blairgowire beach. 1 This is where we went.

We went with Declan’s family, the drive took 2 hours (to me it felt longer)

We stayed at a beach house for 2 days then we went back home.

After a day we went to and adventure park full of mazes and there was a tube slide and you had to pull the your sliding thing up the hill and it was tiring



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Something about me is I really like to play sport and I play for a basketball team and last year I played for a football team and won a premiership.



So that’s what I did on the holidays, and that’s a little bit about me.