He was just standing there. Doing nothing. Looking out but not clearly. So still the doctors had to come and check him out but they all had to leave and when they did they said the same thing, he’s dead. They put up a sign saying that if anyone knew they should tell the police but until then we’re going to have to wait. When I saw him I was scared at first so I clutched to my Mums side not wanting to look but it was pursuing me to look so I looked and it opened my mind, to everything.


“Jeff we’re gonna paint the house white.”explained Jeff”s mum.

“Yes I love white can I paint it with you!” yelled Jeff

“Sure. and were going swimming tomorrow.” said Jeff”s mum. I was so happy it was a flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow. We did paint our house in one day which was really hard especially the roof. And then we did the rest of it the next day and that was even harder. When we finished the house we went to the pool and I went to the deep end on the edge, and I jumped as high as I could. SPLASH!


It was a bright sunny day and Jeff was riding his bike on the bike track and next to the bike track was a river and Jeff was hoping he wouldn’t fall in there. It was green and sticky and gross. And suddenly out of nowhere a guy with a thick coat on stood in the way and Jeff started swerving saying get out of the way! And he rode down the steep hill he fell off his bike into the river face first.

He was stuck and couldn’t get out so he drowned. #sad!


He sits on my bed day in and day out, he’s a animal, he’s soft and fluffy, he’s small, I have had it since I was 4 and it was a gift from someone that passed away. It is black and faded brown and grey , he has a small tail, he has a brown collar and floppy ears and a shiny black nose. He has shiny brown eyes. This thing means a lot to me because it was given to me by my nana and she past away 3 years ago and I will keep it always…

What is it?


Work and study:

I want to learn about algebra, I also want to learn more about angles and coding.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

Be more attentive during the lessons we do on algebra, angles and coding, and also take more notes because sometimes I don’t take notes. And be more efficient.

Fun and friendship:

I always play games with one group of friends and should play games with other people.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

I could join in to their games and not just play with one group of friends.

Next year I would like to learn/get better at:

My spelling and handwriting.

100wc: Bigfoot

One day I was walking in the park and found a pair of mammoth footprints. I went home and told my big brother he said “ya know how you seen that bigfoot foot” “no he doesn’t actually have big feet” I interrupted, I saw the movie when I was 10. I went down to tell my adventures dad. He went to the park with me to have look. SUDDENLY a monkey to big to be a gorilla attacked my dad! but he whacked it IT WAS BIGFOOT!! There`s bite on dad’s shoulder (dun dun dun)!

Haunted house

One dark and stormy night a boy and his friend were walking and saw A creepy looking house on top of the tall steep hill. And strangely they decided to walk to it and go inside of the house. When they slowly walked up to the gate there was a sign that said DANGER in big words. They ignored the sign and carefully they climbed over the gates. They started to walk fast when approaching the doors. When they got to the doors they went inside, and the doors behind them slammed shut. They walked to the center of the house. It was really bright but then suddenly it went dark!

A huge mistake

Hi i’m Jeff and today was bring your beaver to work day at my dad’s ,work don’t ask how I got a beaver I just have one. My dad works at a dam and he said I could come to where he works. When we got there I let my beaver go run around. Then I saw my beaver going towards the wood blocking all the water, and he started to chew the wood. Then all the water came out. As it came rushing towards us we quickly got to high ground, luckily my beaver swam towards us and I grabbed him. We quickly ran towards the car and drove home.

The laughing seal

As I gazed across the beach I sore I seal laying on some seaweed and just, laughing. I stared thought why is he laughing what made him laugh? So I went up to it and poked it.

“Hey why did you poke me?!” said the seal. I was SO shocked because the seal just talked to me.

“Um, sorry i was just wondering why you were laughing?” I asked.

“Because my friend ratty is tickling me!”

“Hey!” Yelled the rat. I thought it was really weird that a rat and a seal could talk so I slowly, walked away back home.


100WC:Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

Scarlet was sitting on a cushion playing her annoying violin. Screeching away, trying to do the best she could ,she wanted so much to change instruments and play her favourite drums.  In bounded her dog Houndour with his tail wagging so happy to see her . He knocked over the flowers in the vase next to her and her violin got watered , dripping wet she was unable to continue with the screeching violin much to the neighbours relief! She hung up the violin and went and bashed her drums , the neighbours preferred the violin!